Digital Learning

We are committed to developing pupils' digital skills and making appropriate technology accessible to enhance the learning experience. 

All pupils in Cwmtawe have a personal Chromebook device allocated for their learning. With the agreement of parents/carers, the pupil and the school, these may also be taken home to continue learning outside the school. 

Our Acceptable Use Agreement for this programme is outlined below:

Digital Learning Acceptable Use Agreement 

All pupils and their parents/carers will be asked to decide whether they wish to take their device home each day, or leave it safely in school.


Which year groups are involved?

We aim to distribute to all year groups by the end of the academic year. We will contact parents/carers directly when devices for their year groups are ready.


I wish to take my device home each day

We anticipate that many of our families will wish to take the device home at night to continue learning in the evenings and at weekends. Whilst we are happy to accommodate this, parents/carers and pupils must understand these are expensive devices and they will need to take responsibility for any losses and/or damage. This is outlined in our Acceptable Use Agreement. 


I wish to leave my device in school 

You may prefer your child to leave the device in school each day. This may be appropriate if your child has access to other devices at home already. In this case, a charging slot will be allocated to your child within their year group area to safely leave the device on charge every night. They will be responsible for collecting the device at the beginning of the day and returning it at the end of the day.


What next?

Parents/carers are asked to discuss this programme with their child and decide which option is best for them. Unfortunately, pupils are not able to change their mind mid-year as the allocation of electrical charging stations is based on the information provided at the start of the programme.  

Once decided,

1. Print off and sign the Acceptable Use Agreement with your child.

2. Source an appropriate protective case/sleeve for the device (this is recommended for in school use but is mandatory if selecting the option to take the device home at night).


3. Your child should take the completed and signed Acceptable Use Agreement and the case/sleeve to the IT Support Team, who will organise the allocation of a device.


More Information

If you have any queries regarding the programme, please speak with your child's Head of Year. 

Digital Learning

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