Last updated Friday 25 February 2022

The school's current Covid-19 Procedures are outlined below. As Wales moves to Alert Level Zero, Welsh Government has advised schools to review risk assessments and relax some of the restrictions in place. Schools are required to revert to Welsh Government's Infection Control Decision Framework.     

School Day

As from Monday 28 February, the school will resume its original school day timings, as required by Welsh Government. There is no change to school transport timings. 

Within our school day, we have also incorporated an afternoon registration session for pupils to return their allocated Chromebook device to their charging bay in registration classes. 

Lunch Arrangements

Pupils in all year groups will have a lunch break at the same time. However, access to the canteen will be controlled.


By returning to one lunch period, this allows our staff to resume more lunchtime clubs and activities, as they now have a lunch break at the same time as all pupils. 

Face Coverings

Pupils and staff are required by Welsh Government to continue to wear face coverings in corridors, communal areas and on transport. Pupils will not be required to wear a face covering in class. 

Visitors to the school are required to wear face coverings whilst on site.  

Covid-19 Symptoms and Illness

In order to prevent a school outbreak which would impact on all our children, we ask that parents/carers support us by keeping their children off school if unwell. If your child has any Covid-19 symptoms, please follow the latest guidance and get a test.  

Self Isolation

In the event of developing symptoms, or a positive LFD test result, pupils and staff should adhere to the latest Welsh Government guidance on self-isolation.


Pupils, staff and visitors should maintain good hand hygiene throughout the day. Wash stations and hand sanitiser stations are located throughout the building. 


The school continues to maintain appropriate cleaning of high touch surfaces throughout the day. 


Our classrooms are kept well ventilated and staff have access to CO2 monitors to balance fresh air and maintain appropriate temperature. 

LFD tests

LFD tests are still currently available from Welsh Government. However, the UK Government has recently announced testing will cease at the end of March 2022. We would encourage all pupils and staff to continue regular testing in the interim, until more information is available from Welsh Government. 

Online Learning

We hope that the school does not have to return to online learning. However, in the event of a significant outbreak, we would seek advice from TTP and the local authority. If deemed necessary to move to online learning, pupil work will be delivered via Microsoft Teams. 

Physical Distancing

Adults should maintain social distancing from colleagues, and pupils should maintain social distancing from other adults, where possible. 




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