GCSE 2021

Due to the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, GCSE examinations across Wales were cancelled in January 2021. The Design, Delivery and Advisory Group formed by Welsh Government were tasked with devising a fair alternative process for awarding qualifications in 2021. 

This summer, qualifications will be awarded on a 'Centre Determined Grades' model. This is an evidence-based approach to ensure pupils achieve grades in line with those they would have achieved if they had taken their GCSE examinations as normal.

The underlying principle is that qualifications this year should be no harder or no easier to achieve than in previous years. Our teachers will be working hard with pupils over the next half term to ensure they have every opportunity to demonstrate their achievements and secure strong GCSE outcomes.  

Assessment and Quality Assurance Policy

Our Assessment and Quality Assurance Policy outlines how we plan to award grades to our pupils, including the evidence we will consider, the quality assurance and the right to appeal if a pupil or their parent/carer is unhappy with any aspect of the process. 

Subject Assessment Summary 

In each subject, the evidence which will be used to award a pupil's grade is outlined in each subject's assessment summary.

Provisional Timescales and Key Dates

  26 March   Assessment Policy published
  12 April   Teaching, Learning and Assessment window starts
  28 May   Teaching, Learning and Assessment window ends
  7 June   Internal quality assurance starts 
  17 June   CDGs released to candidates
  17 June    Internal review process starts
  25 June   Deadline for applications for internal reviews 
  1 July   Candidates informed of internal review outcomes 
  12 August   GCSE official publication of results day
  24 August   WJEC appeals window opens


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GCSE 2021

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